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Eastern MS/HS Industrial Arts Update

The 5,000 sf Industrial Arts addition at Forest Hills Eastern is nearing the final stages of completion! All masonry, structural steel, concrete, earthwork and roofing trades have completed their work. Interior crews are now hard at work on plumbing, mechanical, electrical, controls, general trades, and painting.

The addition is scheduled for completion in early June, then renovations to the existing building will take place during the summer months. The spaces will be ready for students for the 2021/2022 school year!

Industrial Arts Room

Inside the Industrial Arts Room you can see the cord reels hanging from the roof deck. These will give the students the ability to move equipment wherever they need it in the room. There is also a dust collector that will hook up to the wood shop equipment to keep the space clean, a paint booth, and large storage areas.

This view is taken as if you were entering from the hallway. Here you can see the dust collector ductwork on the far wall, and garage door for moving material or fresh air on a nice day.

This angle shows the storage area, equipped with sinks and cabinetry for easy clean up.

In the paint booth area, O-A-K Project Superintendent, Jane Leahy, completes a quality evaluation. The paint booth has exhaust fans and hoods to properly ventilate the space while students create their artwork.

Art Room

Inside the future art room there is extensive storage, a kiln room and garage door (both rooms have these) for easy moving of materials, and potential for outdoor learning when the weather is nice. These spaces offer abundant natural light, which is great for creating art!

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