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  • Jane Leahy

Preparing to Welcome Staff & Student Back to School

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

It has been a busy summer for the construction teams working at the Forest Hills Public Schools. As the contractors continue to work hard ahead of welcoming staff and students back into the buildings, here is a sneak peak at what they have to look forward to for the 2023-2024 school year.

The photos above are what will soon be the new Forest Hills Administration Building. It is connected to the existing Fine Arts Center. This space will be a great addition to the district and allow for growth.

Contractors recently put a layer of asphalt down in the new parking lot. Windows will be arriving onsite soon for installation.


Much like Thornapple Elementary & Orchard View Elementary, construction at Collins Elementary touched nearly every inch of the school. This update will allow for new ways of learning for years to come.

Pine Ridge Elementary & Ada Vista Elementary are in the process of being remodeled in similar ways to the already completed elementaries.

Below are pictures of the space that have been demolished and will soon be new and improved for learning.

Pictured to the left is Pine Ridge Elementary. Phase 1 will be turned over during Christmas time.

Pictured to the right is Ada Vista Elementary. Portions of this work will be ready for students and staff when they return this month, and others portions will continue throughout the year.

Lastly, below we have Forest Hills Central Middle School.

Major renovations are taking place in the middle of the school for phase 4 of construction. The construction will be sectioned off to allow for regular schools days to take place while this work is completed. Phase 4 is the final phase of this construction project. This work will be turned over to the school in the spring of 2024. Phase 3 will be ready for use when the students & staff return in a few weeks.

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