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Project Next Update

Today, Jeff Diemer, Project Superintendent on site at Forest Hills Northern High School, gave us a behind-the-scenes tour of the ongoing Project Next construction site. Renovations to the east wing of the high school were completed over the spring/summer of 2020. Current work is centralized within the west wing, and is being completed in sub-phases to minimize disruption to ongoing school operations.

Enclosing an exterior courtyard will create a collaborative, shared commons space, while adjacent renovations and reconfigurations to classrooms are being built with several features that promote flexible, hands-on learning.

Work completed

Construction-wise, crews have reached a milestone, completing the majority of structural work within the former courtyard and in classroom pods at the southwest corner of the building. Having the commons space "enclosed" prior to the onset of cold weather was an important goal for the construction team. Productivity remains high as workers take advantage of the warm weather this week.

Current work

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing crews are now hard at work, focusing on rough-ins (or behind-the-wall pipes, wires, and ducts). Exterior panels can also begin, now that clerestory windows are installed around the new commons space.

The schedule

While portions of the building will be turned-over in sequences, construction will remain ongoing throughout this school year and through half of the 2021/2022 year. The project, as a whole, will be complete in December 2021.

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