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Forest Hills Northern Project Next

Completed Spaces!

Back in Spring 2021, our team wrapped up projects that created a new design center space and two classroom pods, totaling 8 new classrooms. The design center, previously an outdoor courtyard, was enclosed to create a multi-purpose, high functioning space for learning. Take a look!

Highlights of this design center are the tall ceilings, allowing large clerestory windows to stream natural light into the space. The glossy, gray painted areas on the walls are a magnetic, marker board paint. At the west wall, a large vinyl graphic provides visual interest and a fun pattern encouraging learning. New furniture allows for a variety of learning styles and flexibility for both faculty and students.


The two classroom pods are also highly multi-functional. Accordion folding doors allow this space to be transformed into 8 separate classrooms, or to be opened for larger learning spaces and combined learning among classes.

"Extended Learning" spaces are in the center of these classroom pods and include additional workspaces, locker storage, and marker boards.

The Art Room has also been completed, creating a more open workspace for students. Included in this space is a kiln room, wheel-throwing pottery stations, counter-height tabletops, casework for storing 2-dimensional artwork, and natural light.

Under Construction

Right now, our team is focusing on transforming four lab spaces, two more classroom pods, and a workshop. All of these spaces are on schedule to be completed by the end of 2021!

The lab spaces include classrooms for culinary arts, chemistry, biology, and a shared storage room. These classrooms are receiving mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades, as well as new casework.

In the photos below, the pipes sticking up through the floor will provide water, electricity, and natural gas to each individual science work station. This will all be hidden in the casework very soon!

The two classroom pods will resemble those already completed, providing more multi-functional classroom spaces. Architectural finishes like casework and sliding marker board doors, carpet tile flooring, acoustical ceiling tiles, and the signature accordion doors will all be installed in the next three months as this project wraps up.

Future classroom in the classroom pods
Extended Learning space in the center of the classroom pod

The workshop classroom space, which was once two separate classrooms, is wrapping up all new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades. These upgrades will remain visible as this ceiling will be exposed and painted white. This room includes a paint booth which will be receiving all new casework and countertops shortly. Finally, a new, very powerful, dust collector has been installed outside the classroom to keep the room clean of all the saw dust this space will see.

Progress photo of the workshop
Progress photo of the paint booth
Dust Collector waiting to be hooked up

Stay tuned for final completion photos in the upcoming months!

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