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Orchard View Fifth Graders use construction to enhance art curriculum

Orchard View is one of the schools currently being improved thanks to the 2018 bond approval. With construction taking up a portion of the fifth-grade hallway, the fifth-grade teachers and the art teacher decided to create an opportunity for the students to "claim" their hallway. Students learned about graffiti-style art, as well as the difference between art and vandalism. Using their names, the students practiced drawing in perspective by creating three-dimensional letters, added layers, and textures to their artwork. Students chose the style, embellishments, and colors to make their names unique! Principal Mendoza, even joined the fun, by transferring her name to the wall. This temporary wall was only up for a few weeks because of the ever-changing phases of construction, but the students learned that even when something is temporary, it can be worth doing. For more bond updates, visit our website:

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