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Summer Construction at Forest Hills Public Schools

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Ada Vista Elementary has already gotten a jump start on the first phase's of construction, while Pine Ridge Elementary is prepping for construction to start as soon as school is out for the summer in June.

The new Administration Building for FHPS is also under construction. You can see the building taking shape when you drive by the fine arts building off of Ada Dr. & Forest Hills Ave.

Over at Forest Hills Central Middle School, the second phase of construction will be turned over to the students and staff before the end of the school year. Phases three and four will quickly jump into gear as the school clears out for the summer.

Here is a look at the newly renovated space's in Central Middle School - Phase 2:

The photos above show the updated corridors leading up to the breakout rooms aimed to encourage collaborative learning.

Two science rooms were fully renovated in this phase as well. The photos below show the expanded classrooms that now allow for lab and lecture to be held in one space. New furniture will be installed this summer.

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