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  • Jane Leahy

The End is Near for Central Middle School Construction

Construction at Forest Hills Central Middle School has been active for the past couple of years. Split up between four phases in order to keep students in class while renovating the building, the construction team is preparing to turn the last phase over to the school.

The final phase could have easily been the most difficult to complete of them all. With nearly 8,000SF of the roof needing to be demolished and reinstalled in the center of the school, the construction team fought several rainstorms in order to keep the rest of the newly remodeled school dry and untouched.

Phase 4 construction included multiple standard classroom renovations, a science lab and storage rooms, large presentation room, Collaboratory and updated corridors. The design has plenty of natural light and flexible spaces for learning spaces for the students.

New furniture will be arriving for the students and staff for the start 2024 fall school year.

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