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What will Central Middle School Look Like?

Beginning in April 2022, construction started on the east side of the middle school building and even more construction is underway now that school is out for the summer. The changes have been designed by GMB based on these guiding principles:

  1. Encourage Collaboration

  2. A Welcoming Environment

  3. Connectivity in an Emotionally Safe Environment

  4. Flexible Spaces

  5. Age Appropriate Learning

  6. Promote Exploration

So, how do these principles change the space?

Once complete, you will notice changes to the floorplan that allow for multiple collaboration spaces for students and faculty to engage. These spaces will have a variety of seating options for various learning styles and various group sizes, including one large space, identified as, "Ranger Core Collaboratory." Additionally, two spaces will be specifically reserved for large presentations.

New finishes, new furnishings, and additional windows for connectivity and natural light are also focused efforts motivated by the guiding principles.

A look at what's to come!

Enjoy these "before" photos paired with the renderings designed by GMB for a glimpse at what the future spaces will look like.

Future "Breakout Space" for collaboration

Future Ranger Core with a Presentation space to the left and the "Ranger Core Collaboratory" to the right

Future "Ranger Core Collaboratory"

Future Presentation Room

Stay tuned for more construction updates and photos!

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